From its humble beginnings as a non-profit organisation, IB Research has grown to become a global force in the b2b market research industry. The key to this growth has been our ‘B2B DNA,’ which is underpinned by everyone working within the organisation.

Our B2B DNA is the very essence of our approach and is built around the following three key principles:

  • Building b2b researchers from scratch – the majority of our researchers joined the IB Research as graduates. We look to recruit young and talented individuals, instilling all of our ethics as well as teaching them all the skills and experience they need to succeed.
  • Tailored approach – IB Research believes that useful information cannot be bought ‘off the shelf’’, which is why we tailor each project according to our client’s needs.
  • An in-house service from start to finish – 99% of all of the work carried out by the IB Research is conducted in-house – from design all the way through to data collection, processing, analysis and presentation. As a result, we can guarantee our B2B DNA runs through everything we do.

IB Research has continuously evolved over the years in order to stay ahead of the curve and in doing so, providing our clients with cutting-edge market intelligence. During our evolution as a company, one thing has remained the same – our work ethic, personalised care and pride with which we consistently deliver our project to every client.

IB Research is a non-profit organisation (NPO), which is dedicated to furthering social causes on a global scale. We use our revenue surplus to further achieve our philanthropic objectives, rather than distribute it to the foundation's Directors and shareholders.